Bitkom on the results of the European elections

  • Berg: “A wake-up call for the German government” – “Digital Single Market has to be advanced and Europe’s digital sovereignty strengthened”

Berlin/Brussels, 28 May 2019 – Bitkom President Achim Berg in the results of the elections to the European Parliament 2019:

“The result of the European elections is a wake-up call for the ruling coalition in Berlin. It has to shift focus to the topics that matter to the people and that are pivotal for Germany’s and Europe’s future, notably climate change and the digital transformation. Especially in these areas, a strong and united Europe is more important than ever. This is demonstrated not least by the escalating trade war between the USA and China. Only together can the nations of Europe provide an answer that resonates on the global level. The European institutions should begin their work as soon as possible to foster a real and well-functioning Digital Single Market and to strengthen Europe’s digital sovereignty.

The digital sector thrives on international exchange. Nationalism and economic protectionism are treacherous paths. Particularly now that China is increasingly banning the use of Western technologies and platforms and that the United States are imposing punitive tariffs on imports and are refusing cooperation with Chinese tech companies, Europe has to demonstrate strength. Only if the member states of the EU are joining forces and build on cooperation instead of isolation can they be a relevant actor in geo-strategic digital politics.”