Live-Online-Seminar der Ständigen Vertretung der BRD bei der EU und Bitkom zum Thema Fighting COVID19: How to use data and technology to prevent the spread?

Datum: Freitag, 17/04/2020, 09-10h30

After COVID-19 has brought life in EU member states to a drastic halt for several weeks, decisions have to been taken now on the most effective exit strategy. Technology and data have the potential to become a key element. Mobile apps and tool boxes are being developed, both on national and international level. Solutions are needed that minimize the spread of COVID-19 while preserving our privacy at the same time.

Together, the German Permanent Representation to the EU and Bitkom, organised a Live-Online-Seminar to explore possibilities to minimise damage of COVID19 by using mobile apps. Have a listen to hear the following speaker discuss the international initiative PEPP-PT (Pan-European Privacy-Reserving Proximity Tracing) and other efforts.

  • Chris Boos, CEO of Arago and Co-Founder of the PEPP-PT Initiative
  • Susanne Dehmel, Executive Board Member and Managing Director at Bitkom
  • Luca Ferrari, Founder of BlendingSpoons (
  • Wojciech Wiewiorowski, European Data Protection Supervisor
  • Moderator: Luukas Ilves, Head of Strategy Guardtime